Ararat Abattoirs sells a range of quality sheepskins. All sheepskins are salted and classed on premise in our skin shed. Skins are classed into pelt quality in a 70/20/10 specification.

70 – First: Good shape with main panel free of flay marks and knife cuts. Clean fresh stock. May include some light rib, especially in the neck area
20 – Seconds: May include light/medium rib with ocasional but minimal neck and/or faults. May be slightly asymmetric pattern, but minimum 95% of cutting area free from faults.
10 – Thirds: May include two to three holes within a hands width of the edge of the skin, and/or small hole in main panel. Can include medium/heavy rib, light to medium seed and burr.

Fourths: Normally average, approximately 5.5/6.5 square feet. Miss-shapen skins and/or skins with large hole, or more than one small hole in the main panel and under size skins less than 7 square foot. Heavy seed and burr also included in fourth grade.

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