Ararat Meat Exports processes approximately one million head of sheep per annum. Although livestock is purchased from markets, the majority of sheep are purchased directly from farmers. The company has created long term relationships with farmers and livestock agents to source sheep.

The company has sheep buyers available for appraisal of livestock in the Ararat district, Victoria, Tasmania, Southern New South Wales and Eastern South Australia.

Livestock Buyers

If you have sheep for sale please contact the following livestock buyers:

Victoria & General Livestock

Matt Stapleton
Phone: 0408 291 340
Email: [email protected]
Graeme Cook
Phone: 0408 101 438
Email: [email protected]


Graeme Astbury
Phone: 0408 504 875


Peter Miller
Phone: 0419 292 210


Alec Townsend
Phone: 0408 131 614

Ararat Meat Exports

Phone: 61+3 5352 3224
Fax: 61+3 5352 2906
Email: [email protected]
Address: 343 Nott Road, Ararat 3377 , Victoria Australia